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To view the Councillor attendance record for the Civic Year 2017/18 please click here

 ** denotes Town & District Councillor

Farlingaye Ward

 Cllr Stephen Attwell 2 Stephen Attwell

107 Bredfield Road, Melton, Woodbridge IP12 1JE EMAIL
Michael Dale 25 Moorfield Road, Woodbridge IP12 4JN EMAIL


Patti Mulcahy**

Deputy Mayor

2 Start Farm Barn, School Road, Tunstall IP12 2JF EMAIL
Sheena Rawlings 34 Warwick Avenue, Woodbridge IP12 1JX EMAIL

Kyson Ward

Veronica Falconer 18 Drybridge Hill, Woodbridge IP12 4HB EMAIL
Patrick Gillard 117 Ipswich Road, Woodbridge IP12 4BY EMAIL
Eamonn O'Nolan 1 Through Duncans, Woodbridge IP12 4EA EMAIL
Councillor Bale 2 Sue Bale 1 Bentham Lane, Woodbridge, IP12 1FH   EMAIL

Riverside Ward

Geoff Holdcroft  ** 9 Station Road, Woodbridge  IP12 4AU EMAIL
 Cllr Clare Perkins Revised May 2017


Clare Perkins

Penrith House, 58 Cumberland Street, Woodbridge IP12 4AD EMAIL
Martin Sylvester   Clock House, 42 Cumberland Street, Woodbridge IP12 4AD EMAIL  
Kay Yule Stones Throw Cottage, 19 Station Road, Woodbridge IP12 4AU EMAIL

Seckford Ward

Lady Caroline  Blois

St. John's House, 2 Castle Street, Woodbridge IP12 1HN EMAIL
Vic Harrup 13 Beaconsfield Road, Woodbridge IP12 1EQ EMAIL

David Mortimer

Winterfell, Prentices Lane, Woodbridge IP12 4LF EMAIL
Josh Sayles

13 Church Street, Woodbridge IP12 1DH EMAIL