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Town Mayor

Clare Perksins 01Councillor Clare Perkins

At the AGM of Woodbridge Town Council on Tuesday 9th May 2017, Councillor Clare Perkins was elected Mayor of Woodbridge for the Civic Year 2017-18.

Clare has lived in Suffolk for over 30 years and now proudly calls the beautiful town of Woodbridge her home.

Clare attended the London College of Fashion and Clothing Technology and following a three year course graduated in 1972 with a Diploma in Fashion. Following this she went on to work with Sir Norman Hartnell where she was privileged to work on many Royal outfits and gain haute couture experience. In 1976 she and her late husband emigrated to Canada but upon returning in 1982 came to Woodbridge and fell in love in with the town. Due to her husband’s employment they lived in Sudbury but she vowed to one day make Woodbridge her home. By chance, in 2005 she met James Lightfoot, a local solicitor and now Chairman of Choose Woodbridge. They became engaged after a few years and moved into his parents’ house in Cumberland Street.

For many years Clare worked from home as freelance bridal wear designer but in 2008 formalised her design business and startedSilk Rose, a specialist Bespoke Bridal Design company which has gained a reputation for attention to detail and client satisfaction.

Clare also runs workshops to help those who like to gain confidence through sewing as passing on creative skills and knowledge is something Clare believes is very important as so many have vanished over the years. She believes it is in our nature to make and create something whether it be through music, art, dance, stories, carpentry, pottery, weaving, spinning and so many more similar creative arts.

Clare decided she wanted to give something back to Woodbridge so was thrilled to be elected as a Town Councillor. Due to being a creative person with a free spirit it was a little outside of her comfort zone but she has enjoyed learning how best to serve the people of Woodbridge and appreciates the assistance given by her fellow councillors. Clare is enormously proud and honoured to have been elected the 2017 Mayor of Woodbridge and is looking forward to all that the year will bring and helping the members of the community.

Being of a creative nature Clare would like to use the Arts as the theme to her mayoral year and will set up The Woodbridge Creative Arts Legacy Fund which will;

Provide fulfilment through therapeutic creativity – This will be achieved by helpers using their diverse skills and providing, for example, “Knit and Nat” sessions for elderly residents or taking a Creative Art Experience to their home. Alternatively Creative Art therapeutic workshops for any age can be arranged at a place agreed.

The Deputy Mayor for the Civic Year 2017/18 is Councillor David Mortimer. 

The Mayoral Process

If you wish to invite the Town Mayor to attend an event it is important that you contact the Shire Hall as early as possible to check Mayor's availability.   A minimum of two weeks notice is required, but preferably more.  

Please click here to complete a Mayoral Engagement Form:

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