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Vacancy For Trustees - New Street Almshouses

11 September 2017

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The New Street Almshouses is a small housing Charity which was formed from other charities dating from 1787.  We provide 3 dwellings in New Street, Woodbridge at an economic rent to citizens of Woodbridge over the age of 50.  All units are at present occupied.

The Committee consists of five members most of whom are of mature age (not quite Founders!) and we are looking for interested persons who would consider becoming Trustees.  We meet four or five times a year, at present in the mornings but could move to evenings if required.  Please contact Cliff Cocker at cliff.w.cocker@hotmail.co.uk or by writing to: C W Cokcer, 6 Lime Kiln Quay Road, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1BB or phone 01394 385895.