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Woodbridge Town Council has a policy that the pro-rata distribution of Committee places between political parties be based on the membership of Committees being 9 (or for smaller Committees 5), the ex-officio Mayor not being counted for these purposes.

The table below shows the Committee membership for the Civic Year 2021/22 as agreed at the Town Council meeting of Tuesday 22nd June 2021. 

Committee Amenities Finance Staffing Planning Climate & Ecological ERG Highways


Adelson Gillard   Blois Adelson   Adelson Gillard   Adelson
2 Blois Holdcroft  Gillard  Blois  Blois  Holdcroft  Blois 
3 Jewers Mapey  Holdcroft  Holdcroft  O'Nolan  Jewers  Gillard 
4 Miller O'Nolan  Miller  Jewers  Sanders  Miller  Page 
5 O'Nolan Page  O'Nolan  Mapey  Wilks  O'Nolan  Sylvester 
6 Rawlings Sanders  Page   Miller  Mayor Page  Mayor
7 Sanders Sutton  Rawlings  Sanders  **  Sanders   
8 Walsh Sylvester  Sutton  Sutton    Walsh   
9 Wilks Wilks  Walsh  Walsh    Wilks  
10 Mayor Mayor Mayor Mayor   Mayor  

 * - Bold denotes the Committee Chair

** - There are six appointed non-Council members to the Climate and Ecological Emergency Committee. 


Standing Orders Working Party

Councillors Bale, Gillard, Holdcroft, O'Nolan, Sutton, Wilks. Reports to Full Town Council                              

Public Transport Liaison Officer

Councillor Sanders

Reports to Highways Committee

Youth Forum

Councillors Bale, Jewers and Sutton.