Active Travel Woodbridge

Active Travel Woodbridge Consultation – Statement from Woodbridge Town Council

In mid-February Suffolk County Council (SCC) launched a public consultation on its first phase of potential changes to Woodbridge streets to make it easier to choose active travel – this consultation runs until April 9th. Active travel is defined by SCC as;

‘Getting about using the power of your own body instead of a powered engine. Active travel includes walking, wheeling and cycling. In terms of this scheme, we also include public transport in this definition.’

Woodbridge Town Council (WTC) recognises that the interventions proposed in the consultation document could lead to significant changes to the transport infrastructure of the town, and therefore are keen to see that any changes made are for the betterment of the town as a whole, and in general accord with the views of its residents, traders and users. WTC has noted the significant online discussion regarding the ongoing consultation and publishes this statement to clarify its position:

  • WTC is not a statutory consultee for this consultation. However, we will provide a formal response to SCC.
  • WTC has been a long-term supporter of the 20mph scheme (having offered to fund the design of the scheme as far back as 2021), and in general supports changes to the transport infrastructure that can improve travel options for all users in, and around, Woodbridge.
  • WTC will wait until the consultation has closed, and results of the consultation survey are available. The Council will then debate the issue in a full meeting of the Council and provide a formal response to SCC.
  • The response of WTC will be guided by the public response to the consultation, and therefore WTC’s response to SCC will be based around all the views expressed by residents, traders and users of the town.

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