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Great British Spring Clean In Woodbridge

7 March 2017

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Spring Clean March 2017

The Spring Clean took place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 3rd to 5th. The event was promoted by Woodbridge Town Council with posters around town, items in the free local press and emails to local schools and organisations. Information was posted on the website of Transition Woodbridge and given at Woodbridge and Deben W.I meetings. Litter picking equipment was supplied by Suffolk Coastal Norse who also collected the bags of litter from the litter picking assembly points.

49 volunteers took part in 8 litter picking sessions over the 3 days. A total of 40 bags of litter were collected from the following areas in and around Woodbridge –

  • the town side of the A12 and Woods Lane from Bredfield Road to the Martlesham Street roundabout
  • along the Ipswich Road from The Duke of York pub to the A12 roundabout
  • all the town car parks and adjacent streets
  • along Quayside , Limekiln Quay and Tidemill Way
  • around the library and the Turban Centre
  • Houchells Meadow and the adjacent footpaths and nearby shopping parade in Warwick Avenue
  • around the Cobbold Road area
  • Bredfield Road, Beresford Drive area and nearby open spaces
  • Market Hill and adjacent streets
  • Castle Street and play area
  • around the Boating Pool area

Generally we found that there was less litter than in 2016 and some areas were very tidy but there was a lot of litter in other places. In town, cigarette ends and other smokers’ rubbish, sweet, crisp and drinks cans and plastic bottles were too plentiful.

A quantity of glass bottles were collected mostly from under hedges and also many bags of dog poo which should have been put in bins.

Along the A12 most of the litter was packaging from snacks, crisps etc probably thrown from vehicles but we also found at least one example of fly tipped rubbish and also several discarded signs on the A12 verge advertising local events for the following - Farlingaye School, The Theatre in the Forest, Kit Crew holiday activities, (photo attached). 

To quote one volunteer ‘I was surprised about the amount of stuff dumped by local people who have seemingly just thrown rubbish over the fence or wall adjacent to their home’ and another ‘on our route the worst litter spots were the two car parks, at Buttrum’s Mill and next to the Fire/Police Station with the latter being the worst’.

Suggestions to reduce the problem of litter

  • more litter bins needed generally,
  • dog poo bins at the ends of the lanes leading to the A12 which is a popular dog walking route,
  • businesses and schools etc who advertise with boards on the A12 should be required to completely remove their out of date signs
  • more publicity and education about litter in the local press and encouragement to keep Woodbridge in particular and Suffolk in general tidy and litter free.

It would appear that if Suffolk is to be the ‘Greenest County’ we all really need to try harder to encourage everyone to care for their local environment and be proud of our lovely part of the country.

Carol Steptoe 
The Great British Spring Clean in Woodbridge 


Spring Clean March 2017 2Signs left on verge at the side of the A12 just south of the Woods lane roundabout. We had to leave them, in a tidy pile, as it was too far to carry them to our bag collection point.