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Help Solve Our Allotment Problem

17 March 2022

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Woodbridge has a problem when it comes to allotments: we've run out of room! 

With 4500 households we ideally require between 67 - 90 allotments: but we only have 18, fully tenanted, (and not all tenants are Woodbridge residents). 

So the Town Council has 25 people on its waiting list, some waiting 10years or more. Others are too discouraged to join. On the other hand, some of the current allotme5 tenants have had an allotment for more than 20 years.

How did we get here?

The Town Council has inherited a situation that is not of its making. In recent decades rocketing Woodbridge house prices have led to infilling. Every suitable piece of land that becomes available seems approved for building development.

Yet the town boundaries are fixed by river and roads, and we can't magic any more land into existence.

What have we done?

The Town Council has been very active over the last 3 years in trying to provide growing space for those who need it:

Some existing allotment plots have been split when they become available to double the usage. We have the Woodbridge Growers, and are planning a Community Garden space in one of the parks. A garden-sharing scheme is also being considered. However these on their own are not enough. Discussions with landowners and with East Suffolk District Council concerning lease or purchase of extra land have not so far met with success.

The Town Council is trying to find a solution to the urgent supply problem. The current allotment licences are rolling annual contracts, with a 12-month notice period by either party.

What now?

The council wants to do its best to satisfy the needs of all current and potential allotment holders, and in particular to give opportunities to Woodbridge residents who have no growing space themselves and we are working hard to implement a scheme that works for all.

Can you help us find a fair and just solution?

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