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4 May 2021

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Woodbridge Rotary Club take HODS Edible England to heart

Woodbridge Rotary club have for the last 2 years run an event in the town during the Heritage Open Days (HODS) week at the beginning of September. HODS is an annual heritage event run in the UK co-ordinated by a team in the National Trust but organised by a series of local volunteers.

The theme for HODS this year is Edible England. And with Suffolk being the centre of such great food production, The Club have decided to set up 2 projects to come to fruition for September.

The first is to produce a set of video interviews of local food producers that can be viewed online during the HODS week and then stored centrally as a record for use by schools and other interested parties as a reference resource. The theme would be to produce a story of Food to Fork in Suffolk. The Club already have some of the local retailers in Woodbridge and Melton saying they are happy to be involved.

The second project and where we need participation from the Public is to produce a local recipe book. Our idea is to divide the booklet into 2 sections. The first section would contain Looking for recipes for dishes which are particularly Suffolk or local family related. Whilst the other section would contain favourite recipes, particularly oriented toward children cooking or eating them. The club would sell this booklet in aid of a local charities.

Anyone who would like to know more or have a recipe, please contact either:

Simon Holloway

Junior Vice President

Tel: 01394 384 867

Email: simonr.holloway@gmail.com


David Houchell

Chair: Fund raising

Tel: 07887 603340

Email: David.houchell@btinternet.com