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Swifts in Suffolk - Please contribute to our 2018 survey

8 June 2018

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Help the RSPB Woodbridge Local Group in the fourth year of their campaign to save Our Suffolk (SOS) Swifts. 

From our previous surveys we have gathered information from Woodbridge and 10 of the surrounding towns and villages. We have recorded 40 houses/buildings with 76 nests. We are looking for swift nest sites either in roofs or nest boxes.

Swifts are in danger. There are fewer of them each year. We need to know where they nest and how many there are.
Between May and early August, if you see swifts flying at roof level, particularly around the eaves, this could be a nest site. You may see them flying directly into a hole or through a loose tile into the nest.
Another sign of breeding swifts is 'screaming parties'. These are the groups of birds which fly around in a tight group, at or just above roof-top height.

Please tell us about nest sites and screaming parties.

Email your observations to: woodbridge.swifts@gmail.com

For more information about swifts, swift websites, leaflets to download and our meetings, visit our website www.rspb.org.uk/groups/woodbridge

Contact us to buy a swift nest box for £20.00

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