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New Traffic Rules in the Thoroughfare

27 August 2021

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Tfare rulesWoodbridge Thoroughfare is part of the public highway and Suffolk County Council is the Highways Authority.

This means it is Suffolk County Council's Highways Department that has the power to create and implement the Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) which legally control the movement, access and parking of vehicles on defined stretches of roadway. TROs are indicated by signs and road markings.

 Following a public consultation organised by County Councillor Caroline Page, vehicular use of the Thoroughfare (from the Red Lion entrance to the Cross Corner exit) is currently governed by a new Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO), to encourage footfall and improve safety on the Thoroughfare.

The basics of this are:

·        Residents or businesses  who have private off street parking, accessed only via the Thoroughfare, can enter/exit the Thoroughfare at any time of day to access their parking area.

·        The marked loading bays on the Thoroughfare can be used for a maximum of fifteen minutes for loading and unloading by any size and type of vehicle. This covers shops taking deliveries and individuals loading/ unloading bulky purchases or goods (beds, white-goods, carpets, boxes of books etc).

·        No other vehicles should use the Thoroughfare at any time, 24 hours a day. Drivers must not use the Thoroughfare and park in the loading bays for shopping, withdrawal of money from ATMs, or as a short cut to Church Street. Anyone wishing to shop in the Thoroughfare must park in one of the two adjacent car parks. Access to Church Street is via Quay Street.

·        Historic provision for disabled badge holders to park in the Thoroughfare on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1pm and 4pm via a special permit, available from the district council has been removed. Blue badge holders should use the disabled parking bays in the adjacent Hamblin Road and Oak Lane car parks.

·         There are standard exemptions for building, demolition, road repair, utility repair, reading utility meters, emergency services and security vehicles.

The full legal document covering the ETRO can be viewed here;


With more information available for the Suffolk County Council GIS website


The key point here is that this is an experimental order with a life of eighteen months – at some point a decision will need to be taken on how to implement the TRO. Suffolk Highways and Woodbridge Town Council would therefore be grateful to receive public feedback on its effectiveness so that public comments can be considered before permanent implementation.