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Town Council signs up as Earth Protector Town

23 April 2021

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Earth Day

We are proud to announce, on Earth Day 2021, that Woodbridge Town Council has signed up to become part of the Earth Protector community.


In declaring itself an Earth Protector Town, a Council undertakes to collaborate and cooperate with communities, local government bodies, businesses, educational and other organisations to protect land, wildlife, air, soil and water.

Three of the main aims of Earth Protector Towns are to;

• Protect and enhance eco-systems, habitats and species in and around the town

• Pioneer the reduction and elimination of single use plastic

• Promote awareness of climate and ecological emergencies

As an Earth Protector Town we support the Stop Ecocide campaign which supports the legal and diplomatic work to make Ecocide an international crime.


Woodbridge Town Council have already committed to action on the ecological emergency following our successful Climate Summit in February 2020, have a Climate Emergency Action Plan agreed in November 2019 and implemented a Green-veining / Urban rewilding project and a Town Hedgerow Survey in collaboration with Transition Town Woodbridge (and Writtle University College)

Already, this spring, we have planted in excess of 1000 trees, with 500 more to be planted in the next week, and made available 100 subsided waterbutts to Woodbridge residents.

Our Climate and Ecological Emergency Declaration recognises that we need to accelerate the pace of change. Urgent action is needed now by the Council, business, community organisations and individuals to stop habitat destruction, and create and link new wildlife-rich spaces.

We have been recognised as exemplary in how we rose to meet the challenge of supporting our local community throughout this covid era. We intend to continue to offer support, innovation and encouragement, and, by growing the resilience of our local community, prepare ourselves for meeting the great challenges that lie ahead.

We'll have more announcements on this exciting news in due course, including the chance for residents to participate in a survey looking at what Woodbridge thinks about this and other environmental matters.