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Woodbridge Mayor’s Charity 2019-20 - a hair-raising matter!

21 May 2020

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It is traditional for each Mayor of Woodbridge to raise money for charity. In 2020 the outgoing mayor of Woodbridge, Patrick Gillard, held a very unusual and hair-raising Charity Event in place of the more usual Ball or Dinner. With the lockdown in force and the pandemic bringing pressing needs for key workers, he decided, with the Mayoress, County Councillor Caroline Page, to have a sponsored head shave to raise money for PPE materials for the Woodbridge Emergency Response Group. Many, many talented volunteers are making scrubs, masks, bags, baby clothes and visors for local health workers. The drastic head-shaves raised £1500, which will keep us going for months. Here is a before and after picture:


And here is the link, because no matter how generous people have been, the appeal is still open!