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Fen Meadow

Fen Meadow is an area of open space, it is predominantly a grassland meadow which has been managed in a traditional manner, and consequently is important to maintaining local bio-diversity.  It is situated to the South of Seckford Street, and is bounded by the Abbey School grounds and Woodbridge New Cemetery. The area of Fen Meadow is 2.67 hectares.  

The site historically served as grazing land, and has a stream running under the centre of the Meadow.
The site was transferred to Woodbridge Town Council on 1st October 2010.

The site has public footpaths running along the Western, Southern and Eastern boundaries, and is a mixture of formal and informal areas, with a playarea on the northern boundary, and a small wood and “redundant” cycle track in the centre of the site. There are three paths running alongside the western and eastern boundaries and through the wooded area.