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Hiring our Premises

Should you wish to hire the Shire Hall, Market Square, Elmhurst Park, Whisstocks Place or Kingston Field you will need to download an APPLICATION OF HIRE form (which includes our Terms & Conditions of Hire) from the list below, and return to the Town Clerk.

Shire Hall and/or Market Square

Whisstocks Place

Elmhurst Park

Kingston Field

Tide Mill Way

Tide Mill Quay

Whisstocks Quay

Please note an Application of Hire DOES NOT constitute a confirmed booking at this stage.

Upon receipt we will contact you to confirm the hire charge for the use of the premises.   A CONFIRMATION OF HIRE will follow upon your acceptance of these charges.

For further information contact us on 01394 383599

Signed and completed Application for Hire Forms should be returned to:

The Town Clerk
Shire Hall
Market Hill
IP12 4LP

or  via Email:  townclerk@woodbridge-suffolk.gov.uk