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Tide Mill Quay and Whisstocks Quay

Woodbridge Town Council own and operate the Tide Mill Quay and Whisstocks Quay as a facilities for visiting boats to come to the Town.

These small quays are immediately adjacent to the famous Woodbridge Tide Mill and new Whisstocks Riverside development and provide moorings at a charge of £12 per calendar day (inclusive of VAT). Payment within office hours can be made by credit card by phoning Woodbridge Town Council 01394 383599. Outside office hours kindly contact Woodbridge Town Council (01394 383599) leaving a message on our answerphone with your name, the name of your vessel, the period of your desired mooring, your phone number and email address. We shall return your call to take payment when our office opens. 

Click here to open the Tide Mill Quay mooring application form, and here for Whisstocks Quay.  

All moorings and the use of the quay is expressly subject to the prior consent of the Town Council and subject to Terms and Conditions and any other directions made by the Town Council. The Terms and Conditions for both quays can be downloaded from the right hand side of this page. 

There are no facilities such as water or electricity available at the Quay.

For enquiries specifically about mooring a vessel on Tide Mill Quay or Whisstocks Quay please use the below contact information. For general enquiries please contact the Town Clerk

Mr Michael Dale - Harbourmaster
Woodbridge Town Council
Shire Hall, Market Hill
IP12 4LP 
Tel: 01394 383599
Email: harbourmaster@woodbridge-suffolk.gov.uk

Mr Michael Dale Harbourmaster photo

Boat owners who have not sought the permission of the Town Council will be advised to leave on the next tide.  

Tide Mill Quay

Whisstocks Quay

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