Highways and Transport

Chairperson: Patrick Gillard

Members: Ruth Leach, Robin Sanders (Mayor), Mike Sutton, Martin Wilks, Tom Rogerson

The Highways and Transport Committee has the responsibility to monitor and make recommendations including:

  1. expenditure on Highways and Transport issues which are within the Council’s legal powers.
  2. Maintenance of highways, roads, footpaths, footways, street lighting, street furniture and verges,
  3. All Highways Authority Management and Service Plans as issued from time to time,
  4. To propose projects for inclusion in the Town Council’s work plan and budget as agreed with and implemented by the Highways Authority,
  5. To liaise with a Suffolk County Council Highways Officer and host ‘Joint Highways’ meetings.
  6. Changes to public transport routes and timetables, including accessibility and punctuality issues.


2024/25 Civic Year
12.06.24 Agenda Minutes
22.07.24 Agenda Minutes
11.09.24 Agenda Minutes
04.12.24 Agenda Minutes
12.03.24 Agenda Minutes
2022/23 Civic Year
31.01.23 Agenda Minutes
13.12.22 Agenda Minutes
26.07.22 Agenda Minutes

The meeting of July 26th is cancelled due to a lack of a quorum. 

2021/22 Civic Year
13.07.21 Agenda Minutes
14.09.21 Agenda Minutes
06.12.21 Agenda Minutes
08.03.22 Agenda Minutes
2020/21 Civic Year
29.09.20 Agenda Minutes
24.11.20 Agenda Minutes
26.01.21 Agenda Minutes
23.03.21   Agenda Minutes 
2019/20 Civic Year
28.05.19 Agenda Minutes
01.10.19 Agenda Minutes
03.12.19 Agenda Minutes
04.02.20 Agenda  Minutes 

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