Highways and Transport Working Party

Chairperson: Doreen Pegg

Members: David Adelson, Patrick Gillard, Ruth Leach, Robin Sanders, Martin Wilks, Nigel Phipps

The Highways and Transport Committee was downgraded to a Working Party at the Council's AGM on May 16th 2023. 

This decision was taken with the view that Woodbridge Town Council is not the Highway Authority and therefore has little statutory power over the highway. Suffolk County Council Highways department are the Highway Authority in Suffolk. 

Members of the public who have a concern regarding highways matters (pot holes, street signage, waiting restrictions - double yellow lines etc), should register their concerns on the Suffolk Highways reporting tool, a link to which is provided below:

Suffolk Highways Reporting Tool

2022/23 Civic Year
31.01.23 Agenda Minutes
13.12.22 Agenda Minutes
26.07.22 Agenda Minutes

The meeting of July 26th is cancelled due to a lack of a quorum. 

2021/22 Civic Year
13.07.21 Agenda Minutes
14.09.21 Agenda Minutes
06.12.21 Agenda Minutes
08.03.22 Agenda Minutes
2020/21 Civic Year
29.09.20 Agenda Minutes
24.11.20 Agenda Minutes
26.01.21 Agenda Minutes
23.03.21   Agenda Minutes 
2019/20 Civic Year
28.05.19 Agenda Minutes
01.10.19 Agenda Minutes
03.12.19 Agenda Minutes
04.02.20 Agenda  Minutes 

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