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Quaker Burial Ground

The Burial Ground is managed as a conservation area to help support and attract wildlife. Located in Turn Lane, just of Church Street.

The Burial Ground provides a small peaceful location for members of the public to quietly relax and contemplate in and is open daily from 8.00 a.m. until dusk. The site was used as a burial ground from 1698 to 1937. Although there are only 19 gravestones, records show there were well over 350 burials in this relatively small plot.

Today the grounds provide naturalised Spring bulb displays; Spring and Summer managed wild flower areas and a small variety of trees and shrubs. Access around the site is provided by grassed paths that leads to benches sited for public use. The Burial Ground benefited greatly from a Friends Group who, in 2004, successfully applied for a Local Heritage Initiative Grant. This funded the repair of the boundary walls, provision of a new gate and signage and publicity of the site as a community education resource.

Further information on the Quakers and the Burial Ground is available in a book entitled "Quakers in Woodbridge" produced by Jeremy Greenwood and can be purchased from the Town Council Office at Shire Hall, from Woodbridge Museum or local bookshops at a price of £3.99.

Damage to the Boundary Walls adjacent to the large Ash Tree

The Town Council commissioned a report from G. C. Robertson & Associates Ltd to look at the boundary walls of the Quaker Burial Ground. Please click here if you would like to see the report.

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