Armorial Bearings

Although Woodbridge is a very ancient town, and has always been a  thriving commercial community, no charter has ever been granted, therefore no official grant of arms has ever been made.   Some years ago, Woodbridge Urban District Council 'adopted' arms, but this has never had official status or recognition.

With the creation of Woodbridge Town Council in 1974, it was decided that the time was right to obtain a true grant of arms from the College of Heralds.   This has been incorporated into a badge for the Town Mayors Chain of Office.  

Significance of the various elements

Silver Escallops on the red are taken from the arms of Thomas Seckford.   They are also a reference to the towns maritime interests and its long history as a port.  

The 'Omar Khayyam' rose is to commemorate Edward Fitzgerald's residence in Woodbridge.  

The oak stump refers to the wooden bridge from which the town derives it's name.   It is also a reference to the building of warships and pleasure craft over the centuries.

The cockerels are taken from the ancient crest recorded for the Seckford family at the visitation of Suffolk in 1561 and 1577.  

The barry wavy sections symbolises the River Deben.


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