Agendas & Minutes

Town Council meetings and all Committee meetings are open to the public and take place in the Shire Hall Council Chamber.  You are welcome to attend any of these meetings.

Meetings are usually held on Wednesday evenings unless otherwise stated.  Details of the time and location of each meeting are published on the Town Council Notice Board located outside the Shire Hall, Market Hill.

Agendas and Minutes can be viewed by selecting the relevant committee from the calendar below. 

Unless stated otherwise meetings of Woodbridge Town Council will take place at the Shire Hall.

The Council has agreed its schedule of Full Council meetings for the 2023/24 Civic Year, which are shown below.

Upcoming Meetings

Date Committee/Event Time

November 2023

Wed, 29 Nov Finance 5.30pm

December 2023

Wed, 6 Dec Planning 5.30pm
Wed, 13 Dec Climate & Ecological Emergency 5.30pm
Wed, 13 Dec Finance 7pm
Wed, 20 Dec Planning 5.30pm
Wed, 20 Dec Town Council 7pm

January 2024

Wed, 10 Jan Planning 5.30pm
Wed, 10 Jan Amenities 7pm
Wed, 17 Jan Finance 5.30pm
Wed, 24 Jan Planning 5.30pm
Wed, 24 Jan Town Council 7pm

February 2024

Wed, 7 Feb Planning 5.30pm
Wed, 14 Feb Climate & Ecological Emergency 5.30pm
Wed, 21 Feb Planning 5.30pm
Wed, 21 Feb Town Council 7pm

March 2024

Wed, 6 Mar Planning 5.30pm
Wed, 6 Mar Amenities 7pm
Wed, 20 Mar Planning 5.30pm
Wed, 20 Mar Town Council 7pm
Tue, 26 Mar Finance 5.30pm

April 2024

Wed, 3 Apr Planning 5.30pm
Wed, 3 Apr Climate & Ecological Emergency 5pm
Wed, 10 Apr Town Council 7pm
Wed, 17 Apr Planning 5.30pm
Wed, 17 Apr Town Council 7pm

May 2024

Wed, 1 May Planning 5.30pm
Wed, 15 May Planning 5.30pm
Wed, 15 May Amenities 7pm
Wed, 22 May Town Council 7pm

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