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Honorary Freemen and Freewomen

The Honorary Freeman and Freewoman of Woodbridge award was introduced in 2001 and will be given to a maximum of 12 people only.
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The Honorary Freeman and Freewoman of Woodbridge award was introduced in 2001 and will be given to a maximum of 12 people only.

Those awarded who have made an outstanding contribution to the life or name of Woodbridge.

Name Award presented for Date
Dr Daly Briscoe (deceased) For services to the town as GP and 10 years in local government serving as County Councillor, Chairman of Suffolk Coastal District Council in 1977. 2001
Mr Don Spall (deceased) For services to the town through the Company of Four which he helped establish in the early 1950's. 2001
Mr Peter Bacon For services to the Community Council, Community Hall Management Committee and Annual Bazaar which has raised nearly £60,000. 2002
Mr Mike Weaver (deceased) For services to the Tide Mill, Seckford Foundation and for promoting the town through history tours and writing several books on the history of the town. 2002
Mr Ron Hepworth MBE For his services to the Methodist Church, the Daycare Centre, the Woodbridge Rotary Club, Mencap, Red Cross and the Woodbridge Choral Society. 2003

Mr Fred Reynolds (deceased)

For the work he has undertaken for many years to the Community Hall. Also for his services to both the Rochford Trust and the Kyson Community Association. 2003

Mrs Dorothy Kellogg (deceased)

For services to the Red Cross since the 1930's and her dedication to the Woodbridge Red Cross Centre from 1984-2001. 2003
Mrs Betty Richardson For her long service as a District Nurse and Midwife serving the Town, for her work as an elder at St Mary's Church and for giving support to others with pastoral care. 2004
Mr Geoffrey Jacobs For the many plays, pantomimes and musicals he has staged in the town for 40 years and for his work with children and young people promoting drama and music. 2004
Mr Frank Knights (deceased) For his long-term association with the River Deben, as a former Shipwright, River Pilot and Ferryman. 2005
Mr David Caddick For being a School Governor for many years particularly as Head of the Governing Body at Farlingaye High School, for providing Summer entertainment in Elmhurst Park and for his work at the Rochford House Young Persons Trust and the Kyson Community Association at Peterhouse Crescent. 2005

Mrs Dorothy Hull

For her contribution to the Town through her work in Local Government, Governor of the Seckford Foundation, the Town Twinning Committee (for Mussidan), Woodbridge Museum, St Mary's Church and as a long term volunteer at the Cancer Research Charity Shop in Woodbridge. 2006

Mr Don Wesby (deceased)

For his long term contribution to the Town and local area through the Baden Powell Guild of Old Scouts, Woodbridge Rotary Club, St Mary's PCC, Governor of the Seckford Foundation and his help over many years with the Mencap Club. 2006
Mr Peter Conway For his long term involvement in the Woodbridge Gateway Club which is runs a social club for people with learning difficulties. 2009
Mr David Houchell For organising activities at Kingston Field to mark the Queens Diamond Jubilee and for his long term service to the 41 Club of Woodbridge and Woodbridge Rotary Club. During his many years of service to the Woodbridge Rotary Club as Chairman of the Fundraising Committee he has lead a team whom have raised nearly £100,000 for local, national and international charities. 2012

Mr Gerry Cooper (deceased)

For his support of the 1st Woodbridge Cub Group in the 1970's. Also for his involvement with the Woodbridge Community Council from the early stages from the late 1970's (now President) for a period of over 40 years and for long-term commitment to the welfare of the people of Woodbridge and the town as a whole. Regularly helps with the bingo sessions at the Community Hall. 2013
Reverend Canon Kevan McCormack For being Rector of St. Mary's, Chaplain to the Queen, for his work at Rock Barracks, his role at St Mary's School, his work with the Royal British Legion and his unsung but widespread work in the whole community and influence for good in the town. 2014
Miss Libby Brown For being an inspirational teacher and giving many Woodbridge children the best start in life, ensuring there is a stable community at the school where each child is valued as an individual and included in the big 'family' at Kyson School. 2015
Mr Bob Merrett For long term work in connection with Woodbridge Museum 2016
Mr Tony Hubbard MBE (deceased) For long term work with many organizations in Woodbridge 2016
Mrs Jean Wallace

Mrs Wallace has been a resident of Woodbridge since 1992 and was elected following the contribution she has made to the community in Woodbridge over the last 26 years through her voluntary work with several organisations. These are:

- St Thomas’s Roman Catholic Parish,
- Churches Together in Woodbridge and Melton,
- Woodbridge Town Museum, and
- New Horizons Lunch Club.

Mrs Wallace is a keen supporter of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), and of MISSIO which is a charity of the Catholic Church of Eng

Mrs Jane Healey For her role as secretary of Transition Woodbridge (responsible for scattered orchards, fruit harvesting, wildlife corridors, rivercleans, litterpicks, citizen science bat project, Local Food Project and leaflet) ,Chair of East Suffolk Greenprint Forum, Co-ordinator with St Johns Church of the Woodbridge Repair Cafe and Non-Councillor of WTC CEEC, Jane's devotion to improving the towns awareness of environmental matters has been inspiring to all who meet her.  2023

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