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Whisstocks Historic Riverside

A Buzzing Hub of Shops, Restaurants and History by the River Deben. Amazing river views. 
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Whisstocks History

The name 'Whisstocks' is synonymous with Woodbridge, as from 1926 until 1991, the Whisstocks Boatyard operated on the site. Purchased by Claude Whisstock, the boatyard remained in family hands until 1984 before closing in 1991. A brief history of boatyard can be found on the Woodbridge Riverside Trust website

After falling into disrepair the once derelict boatyard has now been transformed, with the development of 15 apartments, 3 shops, a Chandlery restaurant building, new Heritage Building, Community Boat Shed and public open space, giving the site a modern makeover.

Woodbridge Town Council own the Heritage Building and Community Boat Shed, and lease them to the Woodbridge Museum Trust and Woodbridge Riverside Trust, to allow the residents and visitors alike to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Tide Mill and River Deben. The public open space, known as Whisstocks Place, is also owned and managed by the Town Council.

Find out about hiring Whisstocks Place for your next event.

Woodbridge Riverside Trust

The Woodbridge Riverside Trust is a thriving community space at the heart of the Woodbridge waterfront. Their Longshed Gallery is available to hire.

Woodbridge Museum

Located on Whistocks Place, Woodbridge Museum tells the story of Woodbridge and its surrounding area by focusing on the lives of a selection of local people, from Tudor times to the present-day. 

Sutton Hoo Ships Company

The  £1 million project to build a full-size reconstruction of an Anglo-Saxon king's burial ship that lay dormant for over thirteen centuries in the mysterious Sutton Hoo royal burial ground. Learn all about the Sutton Hoo Ships Company on their website.

The Tide Mill

Woodbridge's iconic Tide Mill is a rare example of a traditional water mill whose water wheel still turns and is capable of grinding a wholemeal flour.

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