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Tide Mill Quay

Tide Mill Quay as a facility for visiting boats to come to the Town which is located immediately adjacent to the famous Woodbridge Tide Mill.
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Woodbridge Town Council own and operate the Tide Mill Quay and Whisstocks Quay as a facilities for visiting boats to come to the Town.

These small quays are immediately adjacent to the famous Woodbridge Tide Mill and new Whisstocks Riverside development and provide moorings at a charge of £13 per calendar day (inclusive of VAT).

All moorings and the use of the quay is expressly subject to the prior consent of the Town Council and subject to Terms and Conditions and any other directions made by the Town Council.

There are no facilities such as water or electricity available at the Quay, moorings are offered for a maximum of 5 nights.

For mooring enquiries regarding the Tide Mill Quay or Whisstocks Quay please contact us.

Boat owners who have not sought the permission of the Town Council will be advised to leave on the next tide.

If you are seeking a more permanent mooring on the river then these organisations may be able to help.

Tide Mill Yacht Harbour - 01394 385745 | Website

Larkmans Boatyard Melton - 01394 382943  Website

Melton Boatyard - 01394 386327  Website

Martlesham Creek Boatyard – 01394384727  Website

Woodbridge Boatyard - 01394 385786  Website

Waldringfield Boatyard - 01473 736260  Website


Booking Costs

Temporary Mooring: £13 per day

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