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Press release - Allotments update

25 March 2022

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Press release 25 March 2022

Allotments in Woodbridge

Woodbridge has approximately 4,500 households and still has had only 19 allotment plots. We inherited  10 plots from the District Council in 2008, an under-provision even then.  These were yearly tenancies then, and they remain so today.

The Town Council has been working tirelessly to find ways to provide allotments for all who require them. We have engaged with East Suffolk Council and with private landowners and with residents and  are considering other options.

Scarcity of land for allotments is a real problem in Woodbridge.  As we know from the development of Melton Hill, building land can cost something approaching £2 million per acre.

By splitting some plots in recent years, we have increased the number of plots to 19. However, the nationally recommended provision of allotments for Woodbridge is closer to 100.  Rather than accept the status quo, this council wants to find solutions and we will work with all interested parties over coming months to achieve an outcome which works for all. At last night’s Extraordinary  Meeting of the Council, we agreed that, in the meantime, the council will not terminate any tenancies and the tenants will remain in place.

Sue Bale, Chair, Woodbridge Town Council