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Woodbridge Community Hall

28 January 2022

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Hall for Hire in Woodbridge

The Woodbridge Community Hall provides a hall and rooms for hire to the public.  It is located near the town centre, surrounded by a public car park and walking distance to Woodbridge railway station. 

The venue is able to accommodate up to 350 people and suitable for wedding receptions, business events, parties, presentations and more.

The large main hall is equipped with a stage and kitchen all directly accessible from the car park. 

There are two smaller rooms with refreshment facilities that can be used in conjunction with the Main Hall or separately for up to 50 people and is suitable for committee meetings, talks and study groups.

Updated Woodbridge Community Hall 2022


Woodbridge Community Hall
Station Road
IP12 4AU


Woodbridge Community Hall has a busy schedule, there are calendars for the Deben Annexe, Hutchinson Room and the Main Hall. Each calendar is regularly updated.

Booking Enquires Form 

We would love to hear from you. Email us directly or complete the contact form to discuss the use or booking of Woodbridge Community Hall.

Bookings Secretary, Ann Rolph

Leave a message and Ann will get back to you as soon as possible. She has limited hours, so please be patient and do not contact committee members. Thank you for your anticipated co-operation.


Woodbridge Community Hall was opened on 17 January 1981

In 1966 a survey had been carried out by Woodbridge Community Council (WCC), a registered charity, to seek the wishes of local people on recreational and sporting facilities.  Top of their wish list was an indoor heated swimming pool, followed by a community hall.  Over the following fifteen years WCC raised £26,445 towards the £64,445 needed for construction of the pool, which was opened in 1973.

Fund raising then continued through wide ranging activities to produce £82,698 of the £128,350 cost of building the community hall. Initially the Hall was operated by WCC, but an independent Management Committee was subsequently formed as a separate charity, to carry out all aspects of the running of the facility.  The volunteer members were to be responsible for lettings, wages, maintenance, repairs and setting hire charges.

The original Lease Trust Deed stipulated that the Hall would be for the use of local people “without distinction of political, religious, or any other opinions including use for meetings, lectures, classes and for other forms of recreational and leisure time occupation, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants”.

Many improvements have been made to the Hall since it was built. The Deben Annexe and Hutchinson Room were added and the kitchen extended in 1999. The Hall now has a blackout system, an induction hearing loop system, a four metre projection screen, and an electric chair lift. Solar panels were installed in 2011.