Woodbridge Skateboarding Event

On Saturday 1st June, Woodbridge skatepark was the place to be and be seen. A collaboration between our Town Council’s Youth Working Party (chaired by Cllr Sutton), and Two-Toed Skateboards, a  local skate school and brand, resulted in a twelve hour skating event for skaters of all ages and abilities. Thanks to Lewis and his team, the skatepark was buzzing with young people jumping, grinding, flipping and occasionally falling over to their heart’s content.

First up came the smallest kids for their lessons. So bundled up in knee, elbow, and wrist pads, plus helmets it was a wonder they could move at all, they learned to jump on the boards, skate along and even had a go on the ramps. There were just as many girls as boys learning to skate and our favourite sight was tiny Poppy looking fierce in a tutu and helmet.

By the afternoon the skatepark was full of the young and the not so young. Parents and grandparents mingled with skaters to watch the demonstrations and competitions. Skaters were given two minutes to perform their best tricks while the others cheered them on. Those not competing practised in the car park on the smaller ramps supplied by Two-Toed so that people were constantly in the air, defying physics with their jumps and flips. The sense of camaraderie and excitement, the food and drink stalls, plus the live music created a fizzing mini-festival atmosphere. It was an open and inclusive event run by young people for young people where everyone was welcome.

Skating is a fun, free, creative and popular exercise and the town is lucky to have its own park for the younger members of our community. Thank you Lewis and team and the Youth Working Party for organising and running such a successful and well attended event. We will certainly be watching the British skateboarding competitors in the Olympics later in the year. 


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