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Woodbridge Town Council Report from the Climate and Ecological Emergency Committee for August 2022

16 August 2022

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Woodbridge Town Council

 Report from the Climate & Ecological Emergency Committee, CEEC


I am writing this at the height of the experience of drought and amber heat warnings. In addition to some physical discomfort, I’m guessing some folks have been experiencing anxiety about being faced with tangible proof of ongoing, detrimental changes in living conditions, political instability, warring, energy hikes, food shortages, - and the increasing uncertainties when, and if, we dare look into the future. This is the real 21st century emergency, partially masked by covid and next the financial crises.

Some of us on the CEEC have been observing this breakdown for more than 30 years; taking actions where we can in a world that wasn’t listening, but now that the earth is shouting out for attention people of Woodbridge may find some reassurance in knowing that our town council is already working hard to build a more resilient community - and the more the community is involved in these efforts the better. The “stop idling” campaign launched last month is a simple example of action at a local level. There are so many more …

But for this post I thought to share our mission statement - less about what we are intending to do, and more about the manner in which we wish to do things:

CEEC statement of purpose:

To direct Woodbridge towards making appropriate contributions to the global fight against climate chaos and ecosystem collapse.

  • To build a resilient, robust and inclusive community in Woodbridge
  • To support the process of regenerating a healthy natural environment for our town.
  • To improve and optimise the legacy that we leave for future inhabitants (human and non-human).
  • To create opportunities for active citizen collaboration in the decision-making, management, enjoyment and responsibilities of the ‘commons’ assets that benefit or affect everyone.
  • To prepare our town to face the unravelling of old certainties and the accelerating frequency of emergencies.
  • To draw attention to the need for protection for inhabitants, ecosystems, homes and assets.

We will do this with: - a passion to make things better for us all; kindness and appreciation for the sharing of our best efforts; mutual support and encouragement; diligence on following up on what we say we will contribute; deep compassion for ourselves and others; opportunities for heartful social gatherings to celebrate and extend our neighbourliness in an inclusive manner that welcomes our diversity.

Please make contact with us if you feel moved to make a contribution?

Councillor Martin Wilks, Chair, CEEC


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