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Suspension of Woodbridge Town Council meetings.

16 March 2020

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You are all aware of the rapidly-developing problems caused by the COVID-19 virus. For this reason, Mayor of Woodbridge, Councillor Patrick Gillard, has decided to suspend all public meetings of the council for the time being to protect the residents of Woodbridge.

Councillor Gillard says: “There is no reason for alarm, and nobody within the Council has been diagnosed, or has needed to self-isolate. However the situation is moving so fast that I have decided for the benefit of our community that it would be best for our public meetings not to take place for the time being.

“We in Woodbridge pride ourselves on our sense of community. This action is intended to protect everyone - residents, staff and councillors and especially our older and more vulnerable residents.

“The council’s work will of course continue and we have made arrangements for our staff to be able to work from home if necessary. We have already fulfilled our statutory obligations for meetings to the end of the council year (May). However, we are hoping to restart our public meetings as soon as it is possible and it is safe to do so.

“To ensure that questions from the public are answered during this period, all enquiries should be made by email. Details can be found on our website.


“We will liaise with all those who have booked the Shire Hall for meetings and weddings and try to ensure that, if within our control, these will go ahead.”