Climate & Ecological Emergency Committee Report August 2023



Report from the Climate & Ecological Emergency Committee, CEEC

Hello people of Woodbridge and beyond; people of the Deben estuary

This is written for the August editions; - but lest we forget - a comment on the ‘hottest UK June on record’. A new heating up record smashed through by quite an astonishing margin. I saw a sad news piece on the countless thousands of dead fish in rivers and canals, suffocated in the de-oxygenated water brought about by a combination of the heat and the pesticides run-off from agricultural activity. The last few shots featured the enormous gathering of seabirds picking off the last few survivors that were still trying to gasp air from the surface. The commentator finished with “It’s alright for some”! An attempt at dark humour perhaps?

But it’s not alright for any creatures within disrupted eco-systems. All living participants in a biosphere become more vulnerable when there is a sudden decimation, or a swelling of populations. Look at what has happened in my lifetime: 2.5 billion humans in the early 50’s to the current level of 8 billion - and our brave new 21st century era has become known as the age of the 6th mass extinction.

Further news items this morning: globally, the first week in July was hottest ever recorded, 2023 predicted to be hottest year on record, Italy may exceed it’s 2021, 48 degrees record this year.

Exposing ourselves to the frightening existential threats of our multiple 21st century crises require some deliberate care and replenishment and that was my experience of the guided woodland walk led by Professor Hobson, an ecologist, and funded by WTC via a grant from the CEEC to the Woodbridge Climate Action Group. To marvel at the history of the landscape & woodland seen, via Hobson’s insights, through the remarkable adaptability of “the Rooted ones” left us in wonderment at the resilience and adaptability of nature as she still is. And with that wonderment, the determination of the “walking and thinking ones” is re-enthused!

Yet there are many different ways we can apply our thinking! Thanks everyone who has responded with email messages to these monthly reports. Your comments will be made available to working parties inviting public consultation. I was informed by one correspondent that “there is no climate emergency, only eco-fascism” with the implication that my enthusiasm for the mini-Holland scheme played into the hands of those shadowy powers that be planning ‘the great re-set’. It is useful to hear the broadest range of perspectives - and I can imagine how this perspective may make it easier to manage the July news items I quote above.

But having met the mini-Holland team again at the Melton fete last weekend on their public consultation stall, I’d urge readers to go visit the Woodbridge consultation: Thursday August 10th – Whisstocks Place and the Market Square. They work for Suffolk County Council and they’re keen to tell us more and to gather our feedback. And they certainly didn’t look ill-intentioned folk to me.

Always good to hear back from you?

Councillor Martin Wilks, CEEC

PS. Pass it on


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