Staffing Committee

Chairperson: Sue Bale

Members: Geoff Holdcroft, Ruth Leach, Sharon Miller, Eamonn O'Nolan (Mayor), Mike Sutton, Catherine Walsh, Martin Wilks, Tom Rogerson, Eleanor Beck

The Staffing Committee was separated from the Finance Committee in October 2019, to bring Woodbridge Town Council in line with other large Councils.

This Committee meets on an ad-hoc basis, as and when there is a requirement to discuss Staffing matters pertinent to Woodbridge Town Council - on average this is twice a year. 

The agenda will be uploaded three clear working days before the meeting (usually the Friday before a Wednesday meeting). The minutes of a meeting will be uploaded in draft once they are approved by the Chair of the Committee. A final version will be uploaded once the draft minutes are approved at the next meeting of the Committee. 

2023/24 Civic Year
12.07.23 Agenda Minutes
14.09.23 Agenda


20.09.23 Agenda Minutes
15.11.23 Agenda Minutes
12.12.23 Agenda Minutes
12.03.24 Agenda Minutes
15.05.24 Agenda Minutes





2022/23 Civic Year
28.03.23 Agenda Minutes
17.08.22  Agenda Minutes
2021/22 Civic Year
06.04.22 Agenda Minutes
05.10.21 Agenda Minutes
29.06.21  Agenda Minutes
2020/21 Civic Year
05.08.20 Agenda Minutes
06.04.21  Agenda Minutes
2019/20 Civic Year
23.10.19 Agenda Minutes
17.12.19 Agenda Minutes
27.04.20 Agenda Minutes

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